FAQ FAQ 5: How long should a battery pack last?

FAQ Answer 5: With proper maintenance, most last from 3-5 years.

FAQ FAQ 4: How do I maintain my battery life?

FAQ Answer 4: Making sure you have the proper water level in your batteries, charging below half life, and keeping terminals clean will increase the life of your batteries.

FAQ FAQ 3: My Golf Cart isn't pumping gas, do I have a bad Fuel Pump?

FAQ Answer 3: Not necessarily, many things can cause this issue. Electronic fuel pumps are not good for these smaller engines. Without proper suction your cart cannot get fuel through the system. Check suction by removing air box or hose, place your hand or a tissue to the carburetor. If the suction is weak, it is most likely the oil seals that are out.

FAQ FAQ 2: I Live where no one sells pure gasoline. Do I need to use a fuel additive?

FAQ Answer 2: Yes, Ethanol is terrible for the plastic parts in the fuel system. Pure gasoline is reccomended, but if there is no other option please use an additive.

FAQ FAQ 1: I want to add a lift kit onto my cart. What should I look for?

FAQ Answer 1: When looking into lift kits be advised, the higher you go the easier you tip. A common need for a lift kit is ground clearance. Most golf carts after a lift kit of any size mainly lifts the body of the cart and not the axels. To avoid harming riders, we reccomend not going higher than 3" and is equipped with offset wheels to make it a stronger stance.

Tip TIP 5: Golf Carts should be driven like anything else. It is bad for these carts if you put it to the floor immediately. Gradually depress the accelerator pedal.

Tip TIP 4: Our motto here is "Fast Don't Last". Much like anything, the better you treat something, the longer it lasts.

Tip TIP 3: Make sure to CHECK YOUR OIL! Most carts only hold a quart so it is crucial that there is adequate lubrication.

Tip TIP 2: Drive Belts need to be inspected periodically. If drive belts become too thin you lose power, the belt starts to eat away your clutch face, and it makes your motor work that much harder. Most belts with regular use last around 4 years. How old is yours?

Tip TIP 1: Air Filters should be cleaned out 2 times a year and replaced every 2 years. That is their lungs, don't let them inhale dirt.